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What does ASCEND Mean?

ASCEND is an acronym that stands for “Accelerating Space Commerce, Exploration, and New Discovery.” The name captures our ambition to empower space professionals and organizations to drive the space economy forward together.

ASCEND is built to convene space professionals and organizations from every discipline and industry to build the space economy, support space exploration, and further space science.

Our attendees come from all of the following groups:

  • engineering
  • private enterprise
  • startups
  • investors
  • civil space
  • national security

  • academia
  • research
  • space sciences
  • media
  • emerging technology
  • policy

How is content being developed for ASCEND?

ASCEND is built around asking the big idea questions that impact everyone working or studying in the space industry. We’re collaborating with our engineering, business, civil, and governmental advisors to select the cutting-edge topics and reaching out to space adjacent partners to bring in the whole space community.

The 2022 October program will be announced from 15 June through mid-September.

How can I pass along speaker or content suggestions for ASCEND?

The best way to impact the content at ASCEND is to propose your own work! Learn more about our Call for Content for 2022 (now closed), and stay tuned for the next Call for Content in 2023.

We would also love to hear your ideas for speakers and topics in the meantime. To share those ideas, send us an email at

How can my organization sponsor ASCEND?

As one of ASCEND’s partners, you will be able to further its position by playing a lead role in defining the promise and potential of the emerging space economy.

Visit the Be a Sponsor page or send us an email at and we’ll help you customize your experience and impact at ASCEND.

Who is building the ASCEND experience?

The ASCEND program is built with the combined expertise of AIAA’s technical community and industry thought leaders. The structure and experience itself are being crafted with the support of world-renowned advisors in the space industry.

Check out the stacked Guiding Coalition for 2022 and get excited for the sessions these folks are cooking up for ASCEND this year.

Will there be technical papers?

Yes! Technical papers play an important role in ASCEND. ASCEND is all about collaboration, sharing ideas, and the very latest thinking in aerospace and astronautics. There’s no better venue to promote your ideas among your peers, pressure test your thinking, discover new insight and inspiration, and see how the latest scientific advancements play a critical role in upcoming missions.

What is the ASCENDxSeries?

The ASCEND universe is expanding to meet and anticipate the ever-growing needs of the global space community. The structure of ASCEND includes a series of online events, identified as the ASCENDxSeries, leading up to the apex event in October.

Check out the upcoming events or recordings of previous events are available.

How will the technical program be included in the online event?

A majority of the technical presentations will be presented live in person in Las Vegas.

For those that are presented virtually, they will be uploaded in advance and available for viewing on-demand. Each prerecorded technical presentation will be 10 minutes in length. Virtual sessions will consist of an auto-play of these prerecorded presentations followed by a live Q&A with presenters available in scheduled sessions 24-26 October.

2022 Event & Travel

When and where is the event happening?

This year’s main event will feature a hybrid blend of live in-person and online programming.

  • In-person and online programming occurs 24-26 October 2022.
  • Select virtual content will be available for on-demand viewing online throughout the event and the weeks following.

I’m a speaker or chair – do I need to register?

Yes, all Technical Session and Collaborative Session presenters or chairs need to have a paid registration. This registration can either be for the online-only experience or the in-person components as all include full access to the online platform.

How can I pass along speaker or content suggestions for ASCEND?

The best way to impact the content at ASCEND is to propose your own work! Learn more about our Call for Content for 2022, and stay tuned for the next Call for Content in 2023.

We would also love to hear your ideas for speakers and topics in the meantime. To share those ideas, send us an email at

Does the in-person registration include access to the online platform?

Yes! Every paid registration includes full access to the online platform so you can access the virtual content from anywhere at any time.

How can I tell which sessions will be on-stage in Las Vegas or presented virtually?

Check out the Online Program for the Technical sessions and Collaborative sessions. If the session type is “Onsite & Virtual”, that means the session will be presented onsite on a stage in Las Vegas and live-streamed online for all virtual registrants to enjoy. If the session type is “Virtual Only”, that means the session will be presented in an online capacity only, available to all registrants.

For those who register to attend in person, they’ll have access to all virtual content as well. For those who register to attend virtually, they’ll have access to select content as identified on the program.

How will the Technical and Collaborative Program be presented in the hybrid format?

We want attendees to have the chance to view technical and collaborative content. A majority of the program will be presented live, in person in Las Vegas. Select Las Vegas and technical sessions will either be live-streamed or presented virtually through the online platform.

All technical paper presentations regardless of the presentation format will have a prerecorded file available for viewing prior to the session and at 10 minutes in length.

To maximize Q&A time, attendee interaction, and engagement, online-only technical sessions at ASCEND will be offered as Live Screenings. These “watch parties” offer attendees, presenters, and session chairs the ability to collectively view prerecorded presentations and chat with everyone in the sessions and have a Q&A with the presenter(s).

How will the Live Screenings work?

Each online-only technical session will have an individual Live Screening room for watching the prerecorded sessions, asking questions and chatting with session attendees. At the start of the session, the first prerecorded presentation will automatically play, followed by the remaining presentations in speaker order.

During the presentations, each attendee will have the ability to ask questions and chat with session attendees. After the final presentation has finished, the Live Screening will remain open for an additional chat or, if preferred, a Zoom meeting room will be posted for attendees to discuss the session.

I’d like to attend in person in Las Vegas and participate in the online sessions. How can I do that?

We are planning the Las Vegas experience to accommodate those attendees who need a quiet place to interact with an online-only session.


What are the registration rates and deadlines?

The registration page is now live, showing the different rates and opportunities to participate in the event.

Early bird rates expire at 11:59 PM ET on 9 September 2022.

There will be onsite registration for these in-person components. Online platform registration will remain open until the conclusion of the event on 26 October.

Who will have access to proceedings?

All registrants (in person & virtual) will have access to proceedings. All registrants will have access to virtual technical presentations.

What if I register for October event and cannot participate either in person or online?

If you register and you’re not able to attend the in-person components or the online live sessions, you can request a refund prior to 3 October 2022 or view the content on demand at your convenience. Recordings of the high-level sessions and technical presentations will be available until December 2022.

Do you have a student rate?

Yes, we do! This is an exclusive benefit for current AIAA student members. Refer to the registration rates page for rules and restrictions; scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Is there a discount for AIAA Members?

We do offer a discount for AIAA members as well as additional discounts for different types of membership. More details are on the registration rates page. Scroll down to the bottom for an explanation on the registration types.

Is there a press pass?

Yes, learn more about our media opportunities and apply for your press pass here.

Call for Papers Presenter

Will there be trainings or Town Halls like previous AIAA virtual Forums to answer questions from the technical presenter community?

Yes, training will be provided as needed to ensure success for all involved. More information will be available in late summer 2022.

Where do I upload my manuscript if applicable and the pre-recorded presentation file?

Presenting technical authors will submit the manuscript (if applicable), the 10-minutes pre-recorded presentation MP4 or M4V file via ScholarOne Abstracts by 2000 hrs ET, 19 September 2022.

Are we required to use the AIAA template for the slides, or can we use our university/company template instead?

AIAA recommends that you use the available AIAA presentation template, which is wide (16:9) format, but you can use your university/company template if you prefer. Please note that your presentation slides (only) must contain the following copyright information:

Copyright © by ______ [author(s) name or company name]. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., with permission.

How do I record the requested MP4 or M4V pre-recorded presentation?

Presentations must include slides and audio and be saved as a MP4 or M4V file. A document citing details and information on options and best practices is available in the Resource Center.

The presentation with audio can be created in a number of ways, including PowerPoint, PDF, etc. The benefit to prerecording is that you can stop and re-record as necessary to improve the quality.

Presentation Recording Guide
For information on how to record, save, and reduce file size, check the Resource Center.

Presentation File Type & Maximum Size
Presentations must be saved as one MP4 file with a maximum file size of 500mb. This file will include both the slides and the audio. File compression is highly recommended. Please allow ample time for uploading as large files may take 20-30 minutes to upload, depending on file size and upload speed.

Presentation Duration
The presentation should be 10 minutes long; presentations longer than 10 minutes will be rejected and returned to the presenter for re-upload.

Technical Assistance with Presentation Recordings
If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us at

Will presentations be required to concurrently show both slide AND presenter or just be prerecorded audio over presentation?

The presentation is just prerecorded audio with slides; you are not required to show the presenter within the video.

Is our video limited to our slides, or can we bring in other video and visuals?

You are welcome to use video and visuals in your slides and make it as informative and engaging as possible.

Is there an ASCEND presentation template?

Yes! Session chairs and presenters are welcome to use the ASCEND presentation template as they desire. This template is also available on the Presenter Resources page.

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