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Space Traffic Management and Coordination

ASCEND is committed to collaborating on efficient space traffic management and coordination to mitigate collision risks and safeguard valuable resources.

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Looking Ahead

The Nexus of Space Traffic Management and Coordination

The growing complexity of space traffic management and coordination is expanding amidst rising participation and diverse objectives in the space ecosystem. With a sharp focus, ASCEND embraces the importance of efficient space traffic management to mitigate collision risks, safeguard valuable resources, and ensure safe access to space. Engaging in policy discussions and sharing best practices, ASCEND aims to define roles for stakeholders in providing space situational awareness and regulatory frameworks for effective space traffic management and coordination operations, contributing to a sustainable off-world future.

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Featured Speaker

Sandra Magnus

TraCSS Chief Engineer, MITRE/Office of Space Commerce

Featured Speaker

Barbara Golf

Strategic Advisor for Space Domain Awareness, Space Systems Command, Los Angeles Air Force Base, United States Space Force

Conjunction Assessment Performance Metrics and Current Performance Trends

Detection, Characterization, and Evaluation of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP)

A panel discussion on enhancing aerospace safety through scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Speakers will discuss data-driven approaches to better understand UAP, while addressing stigma and the unpredictable nature of these incidents.


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The ASCEND Diverse Dozen

The Diverse Dozen (D12) is an exclusive ASCEND community of thought leaders and activists whose intellectual and emotional commitment to keeping the off-world environment free of debris knows no bounds.

This partnership between ASCEND and astrodynamicist Moriba Jah provides a platform for diverse and unique voices to tell the world about salient issues in space safety, security, and sustainability.