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Space Traffic Management

ASCEND is committed to collaborating on efficient space traffic management to mitigate collision risks and safeguard valuable resources.

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Looking Ahead

The Nexus of Space Traffic Management

As the number of participants and activities in space expands, effective space traffic management and protection of our space assets become paramount. With a sharp focus, ASCEND embraces the importance of efficient space traffic management to mitigate collision risks and safeguard valuable resources.

By utilizing advanced technologies and fostering strategic collaborations, the ASCEND community actively contributes to the development of robust solutions for space traffic management for the long-term viability and safety of space exploration and utilization, promoting a sustainable off-world future.

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2023 Program Highlights

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Space Access & Safe Operations

Session Formats

ASCEND’s program allows you to experience the content in four formats. Make the most of your time at ASCEND by understanding what each format offers.

Space Traffic – Roles, Responsibilities and Safeguards

Space Sustainability and Stewardship: The Responsible Use of Space

In this panel discussion, representatives from SpaceX, OneWeb and Slingshot Aerospace will share insights about the tools they use and the future steps every operator must take to be good stewards of space and protect the orbital operating environment.


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The ASCEND Diverse Dozen

The Diverse Dozen (D12) is an exclusive ASCEND community of thought leaders and activists whose intellectual and emotional commitment to keeping the off-world environment free of debris knows no bounds.

This partnership between ASCEND and astrodynamicist Moriba Jah provides a platform for diverse and unique voices to tell the world about salient issues in space safety, security, and sustainability.