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What is ASCEND?

ASCEND is the only community on the planet focused on building humanity’s off-world future — faster. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

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Explore the Universe with Us

ASCEND transcends the conventional conference and expo routine in favor of an immersive, interactive learning format designed to accelerate the process. ASCEND starts with a vision and progresses through a program of activities, presentations, and conversations that open our eyes and sharpen our focus on actionable outcomes.

Meet with ASCEND

The ASCEND community gathers in two main ways: the ASCENDxSeries and the apex annual ASCEND event.

The ASCENDxSeries consist of online webinars, workshops, and single-day summits that focus on a key topic with actionable outcomes.

Excited about the apex event? We’ll see you 23–25 October in Las Vegas, Nevada for 2023 ASCEND.

Built for Speed

ASCEND believes every member of the space community — experts, students, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts — shares a commitment to accelerate progress toward scientific discovery, the profitable utilization of resources, and the long-term sustainability of the space enterprise.

Built for Strength

ASCEND is powered by AIAA, the world’s largest aerospace technical society, with nearly 30,000 individual members from 91 countries and 100 corporate members. Whether you count yourself among them or as part of an adjacent peer technical, science, or engineering discipline, we invite you to envision your off-world future with us. There’s space for everyone at ASCEND.

Accelerate with Us!

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