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Space Economy

Shape the future of space commerce at ASCEND. Join leaders, innovators, and policymakers to explore the expanding space economy, emerging markets from low Earth orbit to cislunar space, investment approaches, and more.

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Expanding & Evolving

Be at the Forefront of Commercial Space Expansion

As the global space economy hurtles toward an astronomical value of $1 trillion by 2040, ASCEND unites a constellation of visionary stakeholders—business leaders, academics, innovators, investors, government officials, and technical experts.

Together, we form a symphony of collaboration and knowledge exchange, igniting the brightest sparks of imagination to envision, design, and construct the future of space commerce in low Earth orbit and cislunar space. Discover the secrets behind major cost drivers, explore the government’s role in space, and unearth valuable lessons from past and current space ventures.

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