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Space & Society, Education, and Workforce

ASCEND focuses on workforce challenges, education, and societal impacts in the commercial space industry. Explore new solutions and industry collaborations.

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A Workforce For The Future

Explore the transformative impact of space activities on society and delve into the intricate dynamics of the aerospace industry’s workforce, driven by the recent surge in commercial space endeavors. As the industry booms, so do challenges in workforce retention and management, urging us to prioritize solutions.
Technological advancements in artificial intelligence, human-robot collaboration, and cybersecurity are reshaping our system requirements and educational needs for aerospace engineers. These changes extend beyond industry, influencing societal, cultural, and artistic landscapes.
ASCEND will address these multifaceted issues, facilitating a deeper understanding of space activities’ impact on society and fostering solutions to accelerate the space ecosystem.
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Talent Strategies to Fuel the Aerospace Pipeline

Barriers to entry and advancement – both structural in hiring practices and perceived among new employees – are challenging the aerospace industry’s potential to build a workforce to maximize long-term growth and innovation.

STEM Gen: Igniting the 21st-Century Workforce

Due to the statistical decline in aerospace professionals graduating secondary institutions in the western world, a focused effort of recruitment is required to bolster interest and spark creativity to excel in space.

Astrodebates - Part 1

Join Emma Louden, Caryn Schenewerk, Rob Meyerson, and others for a lively session of debate and learning.

Success & Inclusion of Non-Traditional Experiences & Backgrounds in Aerospace Industries

Our industry offers many novel technical challenges, and employers may find themselves looking for skill sets that are not provided in traditional university programs, which demand out-of-the box thinking and creative solutions to hire and train a diverse workforce.


Space & Society, Education, and Workforce Resources


2022 ascend mars perseverence

Pale Red Dot: a Large, Robust Architecture for Human Settlements on Mars

Alexandros C. Lordos, Alisa N. Webb, Chloe Gentgen, Cormac O'Neill, Dane Gleason, David Villegas, Divya Iyer, Duncan Miller, Elizabeth Romero, Estelle Martin, Ezra Eyre, Francisco Sepulveda, George C. Lordos, H Azzouz, Ignacio Arzuaga Garcia, Jeffrey…
ascend economy fuel

Project Caelus: High School Workforce Development through Liquid-Fueled Rocketry

Chen, Jessica Chen, Kiran Donnelly, Kritagya Khadka, Myles Carley, Santiago D. Criado, Tanmay Neema
ascend outreach simulators

EssentialSAT: A Space Systems Engineering Learning Laboratory

Jerry J. Sellers, Peter Van Wirt, John Paffett and Amanda Winters

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