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Our Mission

ASCEND defines a unique community engaged in a lifelong conversation about the universe. In everything we do — our centerpiece annual event, our supporting events and activities, our year-round communications, interactions and relationships — our mission is to build humanity’s off-world future faster, with you.

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Content & Community

We produce exceptional technical, scientific and engineering programs. Our Guiding Coalition of prominent industry, government, and academic leaders champions ASCEND’s access and influence around the world.

And each year, we crank up the volume at a one-of-a-kind international event designed to spark imaginations, illuminate insights, and produce tangible outcomes to move us further and faster together.

  • Recognize and advocate for the collaborative, interdisciplinary, outcomes-driven space ecosystem
  • Debate and advance the most critical topics to confront our challenges and capitalize on our biggest opportunities
  • Uphold and promote AIAA’s high standards for technical, scientific, and engineering education
  • Build trust and affinity for ASCEND as a peer-to-peer thought leader and fresh source for actionable news, knowledge, and networking
  • Convene an annual, one-of-a-kind, global gathering of experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from all corners of the off-world universe to accelerate space commerce, exploration, and new discovery
  • Engage a Guiding Coalition of industry experts and upstarts to develop an event curriculum that is technically challenging, relevant, and actionable
  • Serve and support the ASCEND community year-round with content and connections that encourage individual passions and collective purpose
  • Facilitate transformative experiences, fresh perspectives, and relevant outcomes

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