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Preview: NASA Perseverance Mars Arrival

REPLAY | Recorded 10 February 2021
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Rewatch this Exclusive Briefing

A week before the scheduled landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars, the ASCEND community hosted this exclusive briefing with members of the NASA mission’s science and technical team. This 60-minute livestream broadcast was recorded 10 February 2021.

The briefing previews these mission highlights:

  • The complex Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) sequence of maneuvers to position Perseverance in the Jezero Crater
  • The first flight of the Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity
  • Digging into the Martian surface for soil, rocks, and core samples to return to
  • Earth on a future mission
  • Making oxygen from the Martian atmosphere

Perseverance is the largest and most sophisticated rover ever sent to the Martian surface. Watch now and learn about the cutting-edge technology, science, and engineering NASA will test on Mars to pave the way for future human exploration.



Introduction by

Tory Bruno

President and CEO, United Launch Alliance; Member, ASCEND Guiding Coalition


Moderated by

Wanda Sigur

Chair, NASEM Space Technology Industry-Government-University Roundtable; Member, ASCEND Guiding Coalition


Wanda Peters

Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs, Science Mission Directorate, NASA



Trudy Kortes

Director of Technology Demonstrations, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA



Bob Balaram

Chief Engineer, Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Who should watch?

Everyone with a professional, academic or even general interest in accelerating space commerce, exploration and new discovery will gain insight and inspiration from attending this exclusive ASCENDxWebinar

How does it work?

This ASCENDxWebinar is presented in three segments that cover key aspects of the Flight, EDL and Surface Ops, including the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. Total program time is 60 minutes.

What will you learn?

Perseverance is a complex, multi-faceted mission to deepen our understanding of Mars. This webinar will deepen your understanding of the technical, scientific and engineering details and challenges of the mission.

What does it cost?

This ASCENDxWebinar is FREE to watch.

We welcome the entire space community and those passionate about learning more about space exploration to the ASCENDx events.

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