Throughout the year, the ASCENDx Series accelerates momentum toward the October ASCEND apex event. The content-driven online schedule features original webinars, collaborative workshops, and comprehensive summits on current topics of interest to professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.


On the Horizon

ASCENDxWebinar: A Phobos Telescope for Science and Exploration

Discover how placing a telescope on Phobos, Mars’ moon, could revolutionize our study of the solar system, enhance data transmission, and support human missions to Mars. Join us for an exciting ASCENDxWebinar on the Phobos Telescope’s role in future space exploration.

Tuesday, 25 June
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET

Highlights & On-Demand Replays


Long after the session has closed, ASCENDx Series programs remain valuable references. If you need to catch up, think you missed something, or want to watch again, many of the ASCENDx events are recorded and available for on-demand viewing.

2024 ASCENDxTexas

Building upon the success of last year’s event, the 2024 program will bring together the innovative minds, trailblazing startups, and industry leaders that are needed to drive outcomes to accelerate our off-world future. Save the date to reconnect with the ASCEND community in February.

14-15 February 2024
South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center

ASCENDxTexas: Pathways for Our Success: Breaking Barriers & Accelerating the Space Ecosystem

2023 ASCENDxTexas brings together the space community to share best practices, innovative strategies, and opportunities to succeed in today’s global market and our off-world future. Agenda highlights include outcome-focused conversations, updates on signature space programs, along with multiple on and off-site networking opportunities.

29-30 March 2023
South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center

ASCENDxSpace Traffic Management: Industry Advancing Orbital Safety

Join SpaceX, OneWeb, and Iridium as they debut a new guide produced by their teams in cooperation with AIAA. The conversation will include remarks from Office of Space Commerce Director Rich DalBello and Astronaut and former AIAA Executive Director Sandy Magnus.

Thursday, 15 September 2022
1200–1245 hrs ET USA

ASCENDxNuclear: Nuclear’s Future Role in Space

The growing worldwide desire for a long-term sustainable human presence on the moon, emerging DoD capability needs, and the desire to send humans to Mars in the next 10–20 years may usher in a new Space Age that includes nuclear reactor-powered propulsion and power. Join industry leaders and the greater ASCEND community as we discuss nuclear’s future role in space.

Wednesday, 7 September 2022
1400–1530 hrs ET USA

ASCENDxCislunar: Charting a Course for Advancing Cislunar Depots

Join space leaders from government, industry, and academia to collaborate on charting a course for developing depots to support the future cislunar ecosystem.

Tuesday, 9 August 2022
1300–1430 hrs ET USA

ASCENDxSustainability: Sustaining Space for the Next Generation

The space industry was NOT created with sustainability in mind:  Learn how sustainability is defined and embraced for space; discover how space companies are taking sustainability to the next level; determine how to measure what’s working and what’s not; and explore recommendations on how to sustain the space ecosystem and how that impacts Earth.

8 June 2022
1200–1415 hrs ET

ASCENDxTexas: Accelerating the Business of Space Exploration

Moving Beyond the Now: Gain clarity on the lunar exploration market – supply, demand, materials, current status, and future opportunities.

27-28 April 2022
University of Houston–Clear Lake Wellness Center, Houston, TX

ASCENDxWebinar: Policy Discussion with Bhavya Lal

If you are interested in NASA technology, policy, and strategy then you will not want to miss this important ASCEND policy webinar featuring Bhavya Lal.

15 February 2022
1200–1300 hrs ET USA
Duration | 55 minutes
ASCENDXCO Lab graphic 600x600 1

ASCENDxSummit: Attracting Investors to Your Space

Whether you’re a start-up or a shooting star, this exclusive multi-session online event will accelerate your progress toward securing the funds you need and the financial partners you can trust to boost your prospects in space.

Recorded | 28 September 2021
Duration | 3.75 hrs
S2 Session1

ASCENDxSummit: Accelerating Pathways to Space

Guest experts from Axiom, NASA, and the Fusion Industry Association discuss how fundamental systems are being transformed fast to help humans adapt to life in space.

Recorded | 15 June 2021
Duration | 3.5 hrs

ASCENDxWebinar: Maximizing Payload Success

Guest experts from Axiom, NASA, and the Fusion Industry Association discuss how fundamental systems are being transformed fast to help humans adapt to life in space.

Recorded | 21 April Time
Duration | 1.5 hours

ASCENDxSummit: Next-Generation Workforce

Workforce Webinar

This three-session ASCENDxSummit brings together futurists, educators, and motivators from classrooms through careers to address current needs and future opportunities for EVERYONE to succeed in space.

Recorded | 16 March 2021
Duration | 4 hours

ASCENDxWebinar: Preview – NASA Perseverance Mars Arrival

Perseverance Webinar

A week before the scheduled landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars, the ASCEND community hosted this exclusive briefing with members of the NASA mission’s science and technical team.

Recorded | 10 February 2021
Duration | 1 hour

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