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Space Security & Protection

Join us in preserving and enhancing space capabilities for present and future generations. Connecting the national security space sector and a wide network of stakeholders, ASCEND takes you beyond the conventional boundaries. Explore mission cybersecurity, policy partnerships, detection, and new technologies.

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Securing our Future

The Nexus of Space Security & Protection

The threats and risks to the space systems and associated infrastructure that support all aspects of daily life continue to grow. It’s increasingly vital to predict and address threats to national, allied, and commercial space systems. ASCEND focuses on addressing the protection of our space capabilities and navigating the trade-offs between efforts to produce value in space, manage the increasingly crowded space domain, and protect our ability to operate freely in space. The ASCEND community connects the Department of Defense and other government agencies with key commercial and academic players to forge solutions that enable the continued open use of space for the benefit of all humankind.

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Orbital Debris: Challenges and Solutions

Move Fast & Build Things: Accelerating resilient space industrial mobilization with the Defense Production Act

Discover how the Defense Production Act could enhance space manufacturing resilience in times of crisis and explore scaling up capabilities for national security.

Mission Protection: Using prevention, proliferation, and collaboration to defuse tomorrow’s threats

Explore aerospace innovation amidst crowded space. Balance security and IP protection with cost-effective measures.

Fostering Strategic International Partnerships Within the Space Domain

This session will feature insights from senior U.S. defense leaders and allied counterparts on developing a comprehensive integrated space defense strategy and overcoming barriers at policy, platform, and operational levels.


Space Security & Protection Resources


ascend space security

Applying the SPARTA Matrix to develop Intelligent Security Controls for Space Systems

Jill Slay, Jordan Plotnek, Ronald Mulinde, Uakomba Uhongora, Yee Wei Law
ascend cyber security

Satellite Cybersecurity Testbed to Improve Commercial Space Security

Abdul M. Noor, Dan Mamula, Gregory Falco, Jeffery Finke, Kangman Zheng, Petersen Hansen, Rajiv Thummala, Rammah Elbasheer, Travis York, Wayne Henry

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