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Space Security & Protection

Explore mission cybersecurity, policy partnerships, detection, and new technologies for space asset protection. Join us in safeguarding space capabilities.

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Securing our Future

The Nexus of Space Security & Protection

The threats and risks to the space systems and associated infrastructure that support all aspects of daily life continue to grow. It’s increasingly vital to predict and address threats to national, allied, and commercial space systems. ASCEND focuses on addressing the protection of our space capabilities and navigating the trade-offs between efforts to produce value in space, manage the increasingly crowded space domain, and protect our ability to operate freely in space. The ASCEND community connects the Department of Defense and other government agencies with key commercial and academic players to forge solutions that enable the continued open use of space for the benefit of all humankind.

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2023 Program Highlights

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Space Cyber Workshop

Session Formats

ASCEND’s program allows you to experience the content in four formats. Make the most of your time at ASCEND by understanding what each format offers.

Space Nuclear: Civil and Defense

Space System Developments and Impacts on Critical Infrastructure: A 15-Year Outlook

Industry and government partners use strategic foresight to explore some of the most significant space system trends to identify likely impacts to critical infrastructure over the next 15 years.


Space Security Management Resources


ascend security osam

Cybersecurity of OSAM Systems

Tyler J. Ramdass, Ninad Munshi, Richard Kim and Gregory Falco
ascend cyber security

Space Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from the ViaSat Cyberattack

Nicolò Boschetti, Nathaniel G. Gordon, and Gregory Falco

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