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Space Exploration & Infrastructure

Embark on an exhilarating odyssey in space exploration, habitation, and operations. Ignite your passion for cosmic frontiers at 2024 ASCEND.

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The Nexus of Space Exploration & Infrastructure

As we venture into the cosmos, we face the immense task of developing the necessary infrastructure to support human presence in space, from habitats and life-support systems to reliable communication networks and propulsion technologies. Simultaneously, we encounter formidable challenges, including long-duration space travel, radiation exposure, and the need for sustainable resource management.

However, within these challenges lie extraordinary prospects, such as unlocking the potential for scientific discoveries, enabling groundbreaking space missions, fostering international collaboration, and paving the way for a multiplanetary future. Through innovation, perseverance, and a collective spirit, we can overcome these hurdles and embrace the extraordinary possibilities that space exploration and infrastructure offer for humanity’s expansion into the universe.

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2024 Program

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Mars Sample Return

Setting the Stage for a Future Commercial Lunar Economy

In this session, we plan to discuss the foundational technologies needed to support a self-sustaining lunar economy, based on insights from the recently completed (as of ASCEND 2024) DARPA 10-year Lunar Architecture (LunA-10) program.

The Role of Spacesuits in Space Exploration

This panel will delve into the indispensable role of spacesuits in facilitating human presence beyond Earth, highlighting their design, functions, and the challenges they address.

America’s Future in Orbit: Commercial Space Stations

The EO industry has been revolutionized by the private sector over the last 20 years. Engage with our expert panelists to explore the future of EO data and analytics and how the industry can create a safer and more sustainable world.


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