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Space Education, Outreach, and Workforce

ASCEND focuses on workforce challenges, diversity, and education in the commercial space industry. Explore new solutions and industry collaborations.

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A Workforce For The Future

The commercial space industry has experienced remarkable growth, resulting in an exciting expansion of the aerospace workforce. However, challenges have emerged in retaining and managing this workforce effectively.

ASCEND recognizes the crucial need for diversity and inclusion in both workplaces and schools. Technological advancements in artificial intelligence, human-robot teaming, and cybersecurity have driven changes in the educational requirements of the workforce.

ASCEND aims to address these issues by shedding light on educational approaches, curriculum strategies, workforce development and management, outreach initiatives, diversity advocacy, and inclusive practices.


2023 Program Highlights

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Strategies for Management in Aerospace to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion

Session Formats

ASCEND’s program allows you to experience the content in four formats. Make the most of your time at ASCEND by understanding what each format offers.

Does the structure of the current educational system support the future needs of the space ecosystem?

Space Workforce 2030: A Diversity Pledge to Go Boldly, Together

This session will discuss actions that industry has taken to honor commitments made in the Space Workforce 2030 pledge and the industry players’ outlook on shaping today’s workforce.


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