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“How do we get there?”

2021 ASCEND content and speakers accelerate your on-ramp to space

Far and away, private enterprise is the dominant influence in the space industry today. It’s a trend that will only accelerate as investments in space return more progress and profits to Earth.

According to analysis published by Harvard Business Review, of the more than $366 billion in revenue earned across the space sector in 2019, 95% of it was generated from the “space for Earth” economy, goods and services developed or produced “off-world” for terrestrial applications on the home planet.

As space becomes more accessible for more purposes, a growing number of enterprises and entrepreneurs are asking, “How do we get there.”

This November, ASCEND answers that question with a hybrid event dedicated to “building on-ramps to space for everyone.” Presented live in Las Vegas and Washington, DC, and online everywhere, the six-day program features visionary content, inspiring speakers, and a community spirit that welcomes all industries and professions to participate.

“ASCEND is the biggest tent in the universe for learning how to build, work, and live in space,” said Program Executive Helen Kang. “We accelerate space commerce, exploration, and new discovery by working together.”

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