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Check out the FAQ page for additional helpful information or the How Will You Attend ASCEND page for more details about the Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and online components of 2021 ASCEND.

Collaborative Session Presenter Resources

ASCEND is building a collaborative community for the discussion and analysis of the best ideas and greatest challenges in the exploration and development of space. Participants in these Collaborative Sessions, as selected from the Call for Content, will find the resources here to prepare them for these discussions.

Collaborative Sessions will be facilitated through a Zoom Meeting via the ASCEND Online Platform.

See below for the session format descriptions to help you prepare for any special format Collaborative Sessions.


A classic debate where a provocative question is posed and both sides are represented. The audience is polled before and after the session and the speaker who changes the most minds “wins.”


A moderated discussion between a small group of experts with audience participation through Q&A.

STEAM Education and Outreach

An interactive learning session that includes the participation of K-12 students (see the Education, Outreach, and Workforce Development topic description for more information).

Town Hall

A gathering of a community around a central topic for discussion and planning that includes high levels of attendee participation in open discussion.


An interactive learning sessions that includes the participation of attendees and may award certification or continuing education credits.


An unstructured session in which the participants determine the topic and format in real time.


Hands-on learning sessions.

Brand Center: Resources to Tell Your Universe About ASCEND

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You’ve made a great choice by deciding to attend 2021 ASCEND. If there is anyone who needs some convincing in order for your journey to continue, we can help make that part easy.

We’ve developed a Business Justification Letter template just for you. It’s a breakdown of the event’s key value proposition and other details we think will show your boss how beneficial the event is to you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email or save it as your own file, and you’ll be one step closer to your front row seat in Las Vegas or online.

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