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ASCEND is building on-ramps to space for everyone, and we welcome like-minded industry and professional associations, educational institutions, and workforce advocacy organizations to join us as partners.

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A Simple Premise with
Profound Potential

Space is where the growth is, and ASCEND is your accelerator. As the space arm of AIAA, the world’s largest aerospace technical society, we’re a worldwide advocate for the emerging off-world economy and the imperative for interdisciplinary partnerships — across all industries and professions — to propel it.

The ASCEND On-Ramp Partnership exemplifies AIAA’s peer-to-peer spirit of cooperation. The premise is a simple barter agreement, trading off each other’s access and influence to achieve our respective operational goals and expand our collective community.

The potential is to create a competitive advantage for your organization and the people you serve to succeed in space now and for generations to come.

  • Joint marketing and communications to promote our partnership
  • Shared communication networks and resources to minimize budget impact
  • Validated by 2022 ASCEND program content specific to your sector’s off-world opportunities
  • On-Ramp Partner pricing for your members to attend ASCEND

Contact ascend@aiaa.org to start building your on-ramp to space with ASCEND. Whether you’re already working off-world, plotting your trajectory or just starting to consider the possibilities, an ASCEND On-Ramp Partnership will move you forward faster.

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Please contact one of our sales manager for more information. We welcome the opportunity to recommend options that meet your needs and help connect you with aerospace professionals.

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AIAA Event & Media Sales

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