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Majdalani Joe 2023

Joseph Majdalani

Francis Chair of Excellence and Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Professor Majdalani is the Francis Chair of Excellence and Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University. He has previously held the titles of Auburn Alumni Endowed Professor and Department Chair as well as Whitfield Professor of High Speed Flows and Arnold Chair of Excellence in Advanced Propulsion at the University of Tennessee. His technical research focuses on advancing acoustic instability and rotating flow theories in the context of solid, liquid, and hybrid rocket engines, especially those driven by tangential injection. He has developed new effective methodologies that have been successfully applied to various rocket systems including the class of cyclonic VORTEX engines pioneered by ORBITEC and Sierra Space Corporation. As a Principal Investigator, Professor Majdalani has received numerous grants and awards that recognize his noteworthy contributions to scholarship and education. His research activities have materialized in over 325 publications and 19,000 citations, thus placing him in the top 0.8% of Stanford’s list of the most cited aerospace engineering scholars worldwide. He presently serves on several editorial boards including the Physics of Fluids and Aerospace. Within AIAA, Professor Majdalani is a Past Chair of the Hybrid Rockets and Solid Rockets Technical Committees, Region II Deputy Director for Technical Activities, Director of Honors and Awards, Short Course Instructor, Faculty Advisor, and Book Editor for the AIAA Educational Series.

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