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Chris Culbert

Manager, Commercial Lunar Payload Services Project, NASA Johnson Space Center

Mr. Culbert has spent more than 30 years developing technologies and systems for human spaceflight at the Johnson Space Center. He is managing the Commercial Lunar Payload Services project at Johnson Space Center where is responsible for delivering NASA payloads to the Moon using commercial service capabilities. Previously he was the Chief Technologist for Johnson Space Center, responsible for coordinating center strategies for technology. During his career he has managed the development of advanced technologies in robotics, automation, avionics, and software for Space Shuttle, Space Station, and advanced human missions. As a division chief he has provided systems support for avionics, software, and other key systems for the International Space Station, Orion, and Commercial Crew.  He has also led the agency’s Human Spaceflight Architecture team, developing concepts for human missions to deep space and led the Lunar Surface Systems Program Office. He has led centerwide teams to develop core information technology solutions such as consolidated networks and e-mail systems. He started his career as a flight controller in the Mission Control Center where he supported navigation analysis for more than a dozen Space Shuttle missions.

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