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Brad Cothran 2024

Brad Cothran

President, Cimarron

As President of Cimarron, Brad Cothran is focused on establishing Cimarron as an industry leading engineering and technology company. He leads all divisions with an emphasis on supporting our current customer base, capturing new business, and developing strategic corporate relationships. Prior to joining the Cimarron in 2017, Mr. Cothran was the Director of Space Vehicle Engineering for the Boeing Company, leading all engineers on the International Space Station Program. He has over 34 years’ experience in the Aerospace and Defense business involving some of the most complex manned space flight hardware design, manufacturing, assembly, test and on orbit support.  

Mr. Cothran has many years’ experience with low earth orbit platforms, orbital transfer vehicles, lunar and mars power and propulsion concepts as well as supporting our national defense programs on the offensive and defensive side.

Mr. Cothran has over 16 years of executive management experience and proven financial acumen skills. In addition, he is a proven inspirational leader with the ability to attract highly qualified candidates, set high expectations and help mentor and grow a diverse workforce.

Mr. Cothran holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University, a member of the Auburn University Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Advisory Board and advisory member of the University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business Executive Program. 

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