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Ally Warson 2022ASCEND

Ally Warson

Principal, UP.Partners

Ally Warson has experience as both an operator and investor. Prior to UP.Partners, Ally worked at Sherpa Capital where she helped transition the firm’s brand; serving as a founding member of ACME Capital. Before venture, Ally held a variety of roles at Google. She led a corporate strategy team for the Ads business; informing product roadmap trajectories and leading international competitive sales trainings for agency sales teams. Ally also worked with Google.Org to facilitate grant awards to sub-saharan African entrepreneurs across 4 African countries, and worked with YouTube to lead video strategy for fast growing consumer brands. Ally is an active member of AllRaise and distributes their weekly newsletter to over 4,000 young women looking to break into finance. She also founded two nonprofits: Off The Record (an event platform designed to remove the stigma of mental health issues) and Above The Median (aimed at democratizing access to executive women leadership.) When not chasing deals, Ally aims to discover novel international travel experiences, uphill skiing tracks and running trails.


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