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There are a growing number of state actors and new satellites in space, as well as an accelerating drive for space commerce and exploration. On a recent trip to Alaska, Moriba Jah, an astrodynamicist and space environmentalist, experienced an inner shift in perspective on sustainability and recognized how the indigenous peoples of our world have important lessons and tenets to share that may serve as a basis for us to thrive in space, while doing so in a sustainable way. What seems to be missing from the space community writ large is an inclusive conversation about how best to go about doing these things as one humanity. In an effort to address this, and coming from a space of honoring and respecting the relationships and relatedness among all things, as well as of acting with compassion, Moriba Jah has partnered with ASCEND to create a first-of-kind annual event that invokes 12 diverse and unique voices from humanity to tell the world about salient issues in space safety, security, and sustainability. The ASCEND Diverse Dozen represent a profile of human constituents with thoughts worth sharing!

These 12 authors are also the featured speakers in a series of rapid-fire lightning talks that highlight the most important issues surrounding safety, security, and sustainability in the context of space traffic. What needs to happen in order for space to be more transparent, more predictable, and to have a globally accessible pool of evidence to help people make decisions and hold them accountable for their behaviors in this shared domain? Find out by watching their ASCENDxSummit session.

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