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We convene innovative minds around the world to explore and advance transformative discoveries for prosperous human life in space.

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The Humans in Space (HIS) Symposium calls for innovative solutions and research on the challenge of human life in space. We are proud to bring the HIS Symposium and HIS Challenge to 2023 ASCEND. This extraordinary gathering unites visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts from across the globe to explore and shape the future of humanity in space.

The HIS Challenge competition aims to discover early-stage startups and researchers dedicated to transforming human life in space. During the HIS Symposium, finalists will present solutions and research before a panel of prominent space experts. HIS Challenge winners will receive investments, research awards, and opportunities to participate in mentorship programs.

Don’t miss this extraordinary moment of inspiration and discovery as we celebrate the best and brightest in the realm of space innovation.


Next Generation Space Habitats

Biomedical Research in Low Earth Orbit

Innovative Approaches to Medical System Design for Space Exploration

Bridging the Gap: Providing Ongoing Support for the Scientific Research Community over the Next Decade and Beyond

Space Medicine and Human Health


Supporting Human Health


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Building our sustainable off-world future through collaboration.

ASCEND connects the civil, commercial, and national security space sectors along with adjacent industries, to embrace the opportunities and address the challenges that come with increased activity in space.

Building our sustainable off-world future requires long-term thinking. Strategic planning, innovation, scientific exploration, and effective regulations and standards will help us preserve space for future generations. ASCEND enables the technical exchanges, debates, and collaboration that will help forge a sustainable off world future for all.