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An ASCENDxSummit

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Join us! 15 June 2021 | 1000 – 1330 hrs ET USA


We’re talking “eat-my-cosmic-dust” orders of magnitude fast.

Strap in with ASCEND and guest experts from Axiom Space, the Fusion Industry Association, and NASA for a three-hour crash course in how fundamental systems are being transformed fast to help humans adapt to life in space.

Learn the latest about laser-accelerated data communications, the soon-to-be reality of infinitely renewable clean energy, and the engineering of machines and methods to capitalize on these revolutionary advances and rapidly scale up the LEO infrastructure needed to supply and sustain our off-world future.


Session #1: Building Blocks for Cities in Space: Infrastructure for Successful Markets in LEO

The bedrock of any successful city on Earth is a functional and effective infrastructure layer that sustains economies built for and around its human citizens. As the United States and other countries face a growing crisis of aging infrastructure, it has never been a more relevant time to properly invest in the next human frontier in space.

Familiar terrestrial elements like shelter, power, connectivity, communications, building materials, transportation, and waste management are the essential building blocks to support and sustain growth of new businesses and human populations in space. This discussion with space city planners will explore the core infrastructure and services required in low Earth orbit to build and sustain diverse markets supporting a growing human population off the planet.

Session #2: New Opportunities for Space Power and Propulsion

Compact fusion energy presents unique and new opportunities for space power and propulsion. On 28 April, the members of the Fusion Industry Association (FIA) presented fusion concepts for space power and propulsion at a Tri-Agency Compact Fusion Workshop, hosted by The Aerospace Corporation, including DoE, NASA, and DoD. At that meeting, FIA researchers gave updates on their technical progress and the types of NASA and DoD applications that could be enabled.

In this summit presentation, Julie Reiss of The Aerospace Corporation will moderate a discussion with presenters Stephanie Thomas of Princeton Fusion Systems, Setthivoine You of Helicity Space, Doug Witherspoon of NearStar Fusion, and David Kingham of Tokamak Energy. The presenters will examine how compact fusion can enable new missions, the open technology hurdles and risks, and their recent breakthroughs that have made the recent surge of interest in fusion possible.

Session #3: Laser Communications: Advancing Technology for NASA & Industry

Since the dawn of space exploration, NASA missions have relied on radio frequency communications for the transfer of information. But this summer, NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will launch, showcasing laser communications, a revolutionary way of communicating data from space.

With laser communications, NASA and industry can significantly expedite the data transfer process and enable more discoveries. In this session you’ll learn more about laser communications, and how they are accelerating pathways to space with new technology, capabilities, and partnerships.

Register fast to accelerate your pathway to space.

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