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Opportunities to pursue discoveries in the off-world universe are expanding, but payload capacities and budgets can be limiting, especially if you’re not sure how to navigate the space. Whether you’re looking to advance breakthrough medical research, push performance thresholds for new technologies and materials, claim a permanent place in orbit, or simply expand your professional networks and knowledge, this ASCENDxWebinar will accelerate the return on your payload investment.

“Maximizing Payload Success” is the latest in the year-round ASCENDx series of thought-leadership events to accelerate humanity’s progress toward our off-world future. The series builds momentum to the ASCEND apex event in Las Vegas in November.

This webinar features two of America’s foremost experts on payload project planning and operations, Alan Stern, planetary scientist and head of NASA’s $800 million New Horizons Mission, and Jenn Gustetic, NASA’s first Director of Early Stage Innovations and Partnerships.

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Join us! 21 April 2021 | 1400 – 1530 hrs ET

[mpc_icon_column url=”||target:%20_blank|” title=”Alan Stern” mpc_icon__icon_type=”image” mpc_icon__icon_image=”10104″]Planetary Scientist, Astronaut Payload Specialist, and Author[/mpc_icon_column]
[mpc_icon_column url=”||target:%20_blank|” title=”JENN GUSTETIC” mpc_icon__icon_type=”image” mpc_icon__icon_image=”10106″]NASA Director of Early Stage Innovations and Partnerships[/mpc_icon_column]

“All of spaceflight is a team sport, so true teamwork is critical to payload success,” said Stern, who in 2020 was selected by NASA to fly as the first NASA-funded commercial space crewmember aboard a Virgin Galactic suborbital space mission. The flight is expected to take place in 2022. “The biggest challenge is methodical organization and attention to detail.”

Gustetic leads a portfolio of technology programs that engages diverse sources, creativity, and innovation across the country, awarding more than $300M in funding annually through prize competitions, SBIR/STTR, research grants, internal innovation team projects, advanced concepts studies, and technology transfer.

“Technology development is a winding path and iterative,” said Gustetic. “Embracing an experimental mindset focused on solving a problem with real customers on the backend can increase commercialization success potential. There are many pathways for success.”

Plan on attending this webinar to expand your horizons and sharpen your focus.

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