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Attending any ASCEND events in-person? You must do one of these two things:

If you have any questions about COVID-19 protocol information for the 2022 ASCEND, please contact Cathy Chenevey at

Keeping you safe at ASCEND


All in-person participants* must adhere to the following AIAA onsite health and safety protocols**.

*AIAA defines Participants to include any registered or nonregistered attendee, guest of an attendee, technical committee member, ancillary event participant, or anyone participating, in any event, correlated ASCEND.

**If you have participated in a previous AIAA event, please note that you are still required to adhere to these protocols for the 2022 ASCEND. Proof of vaccination, test uploads, and daily health checks do not transfer from previous events.


Present proof of full vaccination*** OR a negative COVID-19 test (taken and uploaded 24 hours for an antigen test or 48 hours for a PCR test prior to your arrival at ASCEND). Booster shots will not be required but are encouraged. Please be aware that failure to submit either a full vaccination record or a negative COVID-19 test will result in the inability to print your badge and denial to the event area. There will be no exceptions.

***The parameters for fully vaccinated attendees are as follows: two (2) weeks after receiving your second dose (Moderna/Pfizer) or two (2) weeks after receiving a single dose (Johnson & Johnson).

Option 1: Vaccination Verification

Proof of full vaccination may be uploaded here any time prior to arrival. Complete the required fields along with uploading a copy of your vaccine card. Once submitted, you will receive an email notifying you that your vaccine card was successfully uploaded and that a member of the TBD staff will review it shortly. Once verified, you will receive an email with a green checkmark clearance document (it is sent to the email used when completing the form).

  1. The TBD will verify vaccine record submissions within 24 hours (M-F) of attendee upload and will contact the attendee if more information is needed.
  2. All participants are encouraged to submit their vaccine record to the TBD link in advance as opposed to waiting until they are on site as it takes the verification team time to review each submission.
Negative COVID-19 Test Result

Your COVID-19 test is to be taken 24 hours for an antigen test or 48 hours for a PCR test prior to your arrival at the event venue. Complete the required fields and upload a picture of your negative test result. Once submitted, you will receive an email notifying you that your test was successfully uploaded and that a member of the IHP staff will review it shortly. Once the team confirms a negative test was uploaded (and within the correct time frame), you will receive an email with a clearance document. All tests (PCR, Molecular, Antigen) will be accepted regardless of whether taken at a lab or self-administered at home.

Want to order an at-home test kit?

Attendees can purchase an at-home test at TBD. Once the order has been processed, TBD will mail their test kit via FedEx to the address listed on their form.

Reporting a COVID-19 Case Post-Event

If an attendee becomes ill during the event, the person becomes TBD’s patient. TBD will follow up with them, providing care until the individual becomes well again. Should an individual test positive for COVID-19 after the event, they will need to contact their primary care physician or other means of preferred medical support, as TBD’s contract with AIAA ends once the event is over. If you test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of the event, please notify AIAA by contacting

If you have any questions about COVID-19 protocol information for the 2022 ASCEND, please contact Cathy Chenevey at or 703-264-7574.


Verification of Vaccination Proof or Negative Test

At the check-in station, show your verification of vaccination upload or negative test upload (green check mark via email). You will receive a green sticker for your badge indicating you have completed this action. Note: You only have to do this your first day on-site.

Daily Health Screening

A Daily Health Screening (DHS) questionnaire will be distributed to attendees each day via a link texted to their phone and sent to their email, or you can access it by clicking the action button below. This will help evaluate how they are feeling prior to gaining access to the day’s event. Once the form is submitted, it will generate a thumbs up (cleared for entry), thumbs down (not cleared for entry), or a question mark (subject to review). Attendees that receive a thumbs up will need to visit a check-in station to be vetted. Once vetted, the attendee will be given a sticker to place on their badge to identify they are safe to attend the forum for that day. Each day will have a different color sticker. If an attendee receives a thumbs down or question mark, they will be prompted to call the TBD Number for evaluation/further instruction.

Check-in/Vetting Station Locations

Look for the large signs indicating the station inside the entrance to Caesars Forum.

Masks & Social Distancing

Masks are not required indoors. Social distancing is strongly encouraged, and rooms will be set up with social distancing in mind when possible. Sanitizer stations will be available throughout the meeting space.

Medical Clinic Logistics

Although we do not anticipate any medical incidents, AIAA will have an onsite medical provider available with full clinic capabilities during clinic hours to ensure your healthcare needs are met.

Symptomatic COVID-19 Positive Case Protocol with TBD Team Onsite Support

1. Individuals who present to the clinic or report via the Daily Health Screening that they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be directed to the onsite medical professional for further evaluation and symptomatic testing.

2. The individual presenting with suspicion of COVID-19 will be comfortably isolated from the event in the medical clinic during the assessment process.  Hand sanitizer and a 3-ply surgical mask will be provided to the recipient of a positive COVID-19 test result if not already wearing one. The recipient of the positive COVID-19 test result will be provided with the TBD consent and waiver for diagnosis and treatment for signature.

3. Upon receipt of a COVID-19 test result, the onsite medical professional will perform a full medical assessment, which will include asking questions about their medical history and risk for COVID-19.

4. In alignment with current CDC guidelines, individuals who are symptomatic that receive a positive COVID-19 test result will be directed to:

a. Isolate for 5 days in their hotel or at home away from others if within driving distance of their home.

b. Self-monitor for worsening of COVID-19 symptoms.

  • The onsite medical professional will provide temperature monitoring twice per day for the attendee while onsite for the event
  • The medical professional will perform another medical assessment and consultation with the TBD on-call physician to determine an updated plan of care. Activation of 911 and transport to a local emergency department will be executed as appropriate.
  • If the onsite medical professional departs prior to the end of the 10-day isolation period or the individual is isolating from home, the individual will be provided the TBD telehealth line for access through the end of the isolation period and guidance on when to call 911.

5. Return to activities and being around others after:

a. 5 days since symptoms first appeared, AND
b. 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, negative COVID test, AND
c. Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving (loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation)

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