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AIAA Health & Safety Policy

The health and safety of our attendees is very important to us as we return to in-person events. While masks will not be required, we do highly encourage you to wear one. Health and safety requirements to attend this event are subject to change at any time.

By registering for this event, I agree to adhere to any health and safety requirements in place now or adjusted between now and during the event imposed by a governmental authority, the event facility, or AIAA.

I understand that travel and gathering involves risk of sickness, including sickness from COVID-19, and I voluntarily assume that risk. I (on behalf of myself and my family) waive and release AIAA and its directors, officers, partners, employees, and agents from and against claims, liabilities and expenses arising from injury, sickness or death from contraction or spread of COVID-19 or other communicable disease due to travel to or attendance at an event hosted by AIAA. I also understand, that currently, there is no vaccination or proof of vaccination requirement for attendees.

I agree to not attend this or any AIAA event, and I agree to promptly depart any event at which I am already in attendance, if I feel ill or had recent exposure to a COVID-19 case.

Failure to comply with all safety protocols and requirements as listed or related directions from AIAA or facility representatives on-site may result in the loss of the right to attend or participate in AIAA events, including forfeiting any registration fees paid.

On 11 August, 2022, the CDC shifted its pandemic guidance to recommend that individuals exposed to COVID no longer need to quarantine but should instead wear a high-quality mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5. The guidance also advises that screening testing of asymptomatic people without known exposures s no longer necessary in most community settings. The CDC still calls for anyone with COVID symptoms or who tests positive to isolate for at least 5 days or until testing negative. And the CDC also recommends for anyone eligible for vaccination against COVID-19 to stay up to date with vaccination.

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