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The ASCENDxSeries is a new initiative inspired by ASCEND—the new global platform for innovation that’s accelerating space commerce and new discoveries.

Leading up to the inaugural ASCEND event, which will take place online 16-18 November, the ASCENDxSeries features curated webinars, collaborative workshops, and comprehensive summits for space experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Register now for ASCEND and get full access to the ASCENDxSeries. Then, you can be part of meaningful discussions and make connections that advance space commerce, exploration, and discovery.

There are three types of online events in the ASCENDxSeries:


Explore specific topics like diversity and inclusion in the aerospace workforce or how to enter the burgeoning trillion-dollar industry. Most importantly, you’ll get a chance to ask subject matter experts tough questions.


Connect and collaborate directly with other participants through facilitated conversations that enable knowledge capture and result in tangible outcomes for the industry.


Enjoy keynote presentations, panels, and workshops that provide inspiration and information. Summits are multi-track, interdisciplinary half-day events centered around a broad theme.

Upcoming Events

ASCENDxSummit: Space Science & Technology

Registration is open for the Space Science & Technology Summit, 19 August. Enjoy multiple content tracks tailored to your needs. Registrants of ASCEND gain access to full Summit program.

Date: 19 August 2020

Time: 1000 - 1400 hrs ET

Duration: 4 hours

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Past Events

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