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Leading up to ASCEND, the new global platform for innovation that’s accelerating space commerce and new discoveries, the ASCENDxSeries features curated webinars, collaborative workshops, and comprehensive summits for space experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Register now for ASCEND and get full access to the ASCENDxSeries. Then, you can be part of meaningful discussions and make connections that advance space commerce, exploration, and discovery.

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ASCEND is the most forward-thinking space conference in the world. Powered by AIAA, ASCEND brings together the right people to discuss fundamental questions and deliver solutions that will advance the global space community. We combine technical and non-technical content in a highly engaging and intentional way so attendees can play an active role in contributing to the building of our off-world civilization.

Date: 16 - 18 November 2020

Duration: 3 days

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