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Fast Forward Episode #2: Focus on Off-World Infrastructure

ASCEND’s resident futurists, Devin Liddell of Teague and The Aerospace Corporation’s Kara Cunzeman explore the challenges and opportunities for building large-scale infrastructure in space with Mike Costas, General Manager of Defense and Space for Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security & Environmental business.

Watch the entire episode for insights and intel to accelerate your off-world future in this field, or follow the time codes below to fast forward to select topics.

See you in the future!

1:34 — What does infrastructure mean in space?
2:35 — What are opportunities for infrastructure in off-world environments?
4:16 — What are the biggest barriers to building success in space?
6:10 — Is the vision for infrastructure in space clear?
7:57 — When did Bechtel start thinking about working in space?
9:11 — When did space start to look like a real business opportunity?
10:40 — How does the rest of the Bechtel organization view space?
11:50 — What kind of work will your employees do in space?
13:03 — What lessons have you learned in space that can be applied to your terrestrial work?
14:13 — Are Bechtel employees who work in space different from those who don’t?
15:40 — What will be Bechtel’s space equivalent of the Hoover Dam?
16:40 — What advice do you have for suppliers looking to work in space?
18:25 — What’s Mike’s Moonshot?

Bechtel’s Mike Costas Envisions the Infrastructure Workforce in Space

Bechtel’s Mike Costas Imagines the Space Equivalent of the Hoover Dam

Bechtel’s Mike Costas has Advice for Future Space Suppliers

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