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Colin Ake 2022ASCEND

Colin Ake

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Masten Space Systems

As the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Masten Space Systems, Colin Ake leads Masten’s strategy, business development, marketing, and government relations functions as the company works to enable sustainable access and utilization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. He also leads Masten’s integrated innovation efforts focused on investigating and building new business models. 

Colin returned to Masten in 2020 after working with the company from 2009-2013 to transition Masten from an X-Prize challenge winner into a sustainable, customer-focused business. Colin spent seven years in the university commercialization ecosystem with Georgia Tech’s VentureLab where he worked to build business models around the technology produced by faculty and PhD students. Colin also serves on his local City Council as an elected official. He holds an MBA and BS in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 


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