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Fast Forward: Accelerating Biomedical R&D in Space

Watch the premiere of “Fast Forward: Envisioning the Off-World Future,” presented by ASCEND and hosted by futurists Devin Liddell of Teague and Kara Cunzeman of The Aerospace Corporation.

Fast Forward explores opportunities for industries to grow in space. For example, the first episode, “Accelerating Biomedical R&D in Space,” features industry champion Rich Boling, VP of Techshot, discussing the technology, science, and engineering advances that are leading to big off-world discoveries.

“This is the golden age of human spaceflight. Never before have so many options been available to so many people to conduct biomedical R&D in microgravity,” said Boling. “As costs come down, more companies are getting into the game. To many, conducting biomedical R&D in microgravity is now considered just another opportunity to gain an advantage over competitors.”

Fast Forward Focus: The Space Biomedical R&D Workforce

Fast Forward Focus: The “Superpowers” We Will Need in Space

Fast Forward Focus: First Steps to Research in Space

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