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ASCEND Campaign Promotes Keys to Success in Space

When registration for ASCEND opens 27 July it will launch a new “Accelerator” ad campaign to help our growing global community visualize ASCEND’s five “P” keys to success in space, and how working together can propel our progress toward the off-world future.

Each image is a stylized depiction of ASCEND in action, accelerating space commerce, exploration and new discovery. For every level of participation — attendee, presenter, organizer, sponsor or partner — the campaign is designed to communicate the scope and scale of fast approaching off-world possibilities and the opportunity to shape the future at 2021 ASCEND.

300x250 Partner


Nobody goes to space alone. ASCEND attracts the leaders, innovators, and influencers you need to know, and who need to know you.

300x250 Projects 1


From one-off widgets to wholly integrated systems, big ideas bring us together.

300x250 Processes


It’s the discipline in our DNA. It’s how we solve problems, building confidence every step of the way.

300x250 Policy


We’re active advocates for laws, legislation, and regulations that encourage innovation and eliminate barriers to progress.

300x250 Passion


It’s sustainable. It’s renewable. It fuels us!

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