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Fast Forward Episode #3: Focus on Non-Terrestrial Networks

ASCEND’s resident futurists, Devin Liddell of Teague and The Aerospace Corporation’s Kara Cunzeman, explore the challenges and opportunities for applying space-based technologies to achieve global connectivity with Brian Barritt, Engineering Manager, Meta (formerly Facebook) Connectivity.

Watch the entire episode for insights and intel to accelerate your off-world future in this field, or follow the time codes below to fast forward to select topics.

See you in the future!

Fast Forward with Brian Barritt

0:56 — What is Meta Connectivity, and how does its work relate to space?
2:18 — Who on Earth is not connected, and why is it important to connect them?
3:26 — How do you communicate complex concepts in your work to different audiences?
6:17 — When you’re working with people who are familiar with terrestrial networks, are there things about non-terrestrial networks that surprise them?
7:04 — Are there ways that space-based technologies will transform 5G?
9:53 — Who are the principal beneficiaries, and are there risks if we’re not successful with full implementation?
13:01 — How important are standards in terms of moving things forward?
16:25 — Are there specific types of technologies or infrastructure required to further the ecosystem that have yet to be developed?
18:54 — What’s Brian’s Moonshot?

Meta Connectivity’s Brian Barritt Says 5G Could Change the Commercial Satellite Industry

Meta Connectivity’s Brian Barritt Talks Towers and Satellites

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