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Paolo Venneri. 2022ASCEND

Paolo Venneri

Executive Vice President, Advanced Technologies Division, USNC

Dr. Paolo Venneri is the CEO and founder of USNC-Tech, where he is responsible for setting company direction, managing multiple projects, and building new business and growth opportunities. He has overseen multiple successful Phase I and Phase II NASA SBIRs and leads projects related to developing fuel and reactor designs for nuclear thermal propulsion, nuclear electric propulsion, and surface fission power. His technical background includes researching the development of thermal spectrum Low-Enriched Uranium Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (LEU-NTP) systems for the past five years. He was the first to publish on LEU-NTP systems’ neutronic design and is involved in the development of the LEU graphite composite, tungsten cermet, and various advanced NTP systems. 


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