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ASCEND HS21 Rob Meyerson

Rob Meyerson

Executive Producer of ASCEND; Leads the Guiding Coalition; Founder and CEO of Delalune Space

Rob Meyerson is the Executive Producer of ASCEND and leads the Guiding Coalition. He is the founder and CEO of Delalune Space, a management consulting company focused on the aerospace, mobility and technology sectors. He is an Operating Partner with C5 Capital and serves on the Board of Directors for Axiom Space, a C5 portfolio company. Rob is the former President of Blue Origin.
Rob oversaw the steady growth of Blue Origin from 2003 to 2018, building the company from its founding into a more than 1500-person organization. Prior to joining Blue, Rob was a Senior Manager at Kistler Aerospace. Rob began his career as an aerodynamicist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC).

Rob earned a B.S. degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Houston. He is an AIAA Fellow, a Trustee of the Museum of Flight in Seattle and a member of the University of Michigan College of Engineering Leadership Advisory Board. Rob was awarded the Space Flight Award by the American Astronautical Society in 2017 for his accomplishments at Blue Origin.

2020 ASCEND Participation:
Mega-02: ASCEND Re-Entry Burn, Wednesday 18 November 1500-1600


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