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Veronica La Regina 2024

Veronica La Regina

Director General, Space Cargo Unlimited

Veronica boasts an illustrious career path, with previous roles including Commercial Director at Logic SpA and Sole Director (equivalent to CEO without a board) of Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe in Italy. She has also held pivotal positions as a Strategy and Business Development Officer at RHEA B.V. and as a Business Innovation Expert at the European Space Agency (ESA) – ESTEC, focusing on commercial partnerships for space exploration. Her journey spans various esteemed organizations, such as the European Space Policy Institute in Vienna, Telespazio SpA in Rome, and the Wave Energy Centre in Lisbon, in addition to research roles at universities across Europe and the USA. Veronica’s educational process is equally impressive, encompassing degrees in System Engineering, Space Policy, and Law, along with her pursuit of PhD studies in Economics. Veronica’s outstanding accomplishments have garnered recognition, including awards such as the Leader title from the Italian Branch of the Business Professional Women Network in 2017, the Masaniello 2021 Award as a global talent in 2021, and the Business Resilience Award 2022 for her exceptional leadership of Nanoracks Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her commitment extends to governance, as she was elected as a board member of the Association of Italian companies for Applications, Technologies, and ITC for Space purposes (ASAS Spazio) in 2022. Veronica’s contributions to the field of space span publications, research affiliations, mentorship, government advising and coaching within prominent networks, solidifying her as a distinguished figure in the realm of space exploration and innovation. Latest she is advising the Intra-American Development Bank for Space Affairs, primarily supporting the Colombian Presidentship in establishing the national Space Agency.

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