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Download the AIAA Space Exploration Integration Committee (SEIC) publication:

Recommendations for In-Space Infrastructure Initiative

The prospects for further economic expansion into space seem full of promise with plans to send human exploration missions beyond Earth orbit to open new frontiers. To enable this process we start by asking a few fundamental questions:

  • Why should we try to stimulate this economic expansion?
  • What are the benefits to society?
  • What steps can best facilitate it?

In-space infrastructure would consist of the systems and services operating in Earth’s neighborhood to facilitate commerce, exploration, and scientific discovery. We postulate that there is an immediate need for at least a “critical mass” of in-space infrastructure to be planned, funded, and implemented to expedite broader, efficient, and easy access to cislunar space for all interested stakeholders/participants, and lay the foundation of a vibrant space-based economy.

Download the 4-page publication to see the full recommendation.

Enabling In-Space Infratructure to Provide Economic and Societal Benefits

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