Innovation in the Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base

Track: Logistics

Time: 1145-1240 ET

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Yes, space is “hard” but we sometimes make it harder on ourselves in the way we design, manufacture and assemble space systems. “Getting stuff built” has remained a bigger challenge than it should be, however, and vertical integration isn’t for everyone. Challenges with procuring machining, forging, casting, printed circuit boards, electrical wire harnesses and other services has resulted in schedule delays on many programs. What are the challenges facing OEMs today? What are the challenges facing the industrial base? What does innovation look like this in this space? And what should we be doing to accelerate our off-world future? Join us to find out.

  • Marc Hanlon, Lead Director, Denver Production Operations, Lockheed Martin Space
  • Suman Das, CEO, DDM Systems
  • Jeff McAlvay, Co-founder and Chief Process Officer, Tempo Automation
  • Chris Power, CEO, ADSC Ventures

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