Hack-A-Sat: Reflections from the Developers

Track: Digitalization and Cybersecurity

Time: 1300-1355 ET

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The democratization of space has opened up a new frontier of exploration and innovation.  But with this opportunity, new cybersecurity vulnerabilities are also being created.  One human can design, build, and launch a satellite, adhering to very few standards and security protocols. So how can we achieve safe, reliable, and trustworthy operations to truly realize the promise of space? …By hacking a satellite.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) hosted a Hack-A-Sat capture the flag at DEF CON 28’s Virtual Aerospace Village in August 2020. Teams who successfully completed a set of qualification challenges on cyber security and space during the spring of 2020 were invited to the ultimate challenge: to (ethically!) hack a satellite.

Join AFRL and the development team for a briefing on the outcomes and lessons learned from this unique challenge.

Session Recording

  • DeliaRae Jesaitis, Strategic Communications Specialist, AFRL, Information Directorate
  • Capt Aaron Bolen, USAF, Integration Section Chief, Advanced Technologies Branch, Special Programs Directorate, SMC
  • Jason Latimer, Principal Cyber Engineer, Cromulence LLC
  • John Marx, Liason to 16AF, AFRL, Information Directorate
  • Aaron Myrick, Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation,
  • Amanda Ozanam, Computer Scientist, AFRL, Information Directorate
  • Frank Pound, President and Chief Scientist, AstroSec
  • Jason Williams, CEO, Cromulence LLC

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