Making Space for the Internet of Things

Track: Digitalization and Cybersecurity

Time: 1030-1125 ET

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality, with smart phones, smart cars and smart appliances becoming a part of our daily life. This IoT future will enable disparate devices to operate at the edge without human intervention. The most near-term outcome for the space industry will be the creation of “space” companies that don’t actually own any space hardware – relying entirely on infrastructure deployed by others. As cloud computing moves to orbit, and to the Moon and Mars, we’ll utilize these space-based capabilities to network together disparate devices like satellites, tugs, landers, space stations, power stations, propellant depots and the logistics supply chain that operates and supports them. Just as fast cars are enabled by powerful new networking protocols and become mobile WiFi hubs, will the same thing evolve into space and to our future spacecraft? Join a group of experts from government, industry and academia to learn how IoT and terrestrial Smart Cities technologies offer us a window into our off-world future. They will truly push out to the edge.

  • Moderator: Tom Soderstrom, Director of Lead Architects, Amazon Web Services
  • Walter Everetts, Vice President, Space Operations and Engineering, Iridium LLC
  • Stephen Forbes, Program Manager, Blackjack Program, DARPA
  • Debra Lam, Founding Executive Director, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation
  • Stephen K. Robinson, Former Astronaut and Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California at Davis
  • Liesl Yearsley, CEO, Akin A.I., PBC

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