Spaces For All Humankind Part 2: Implementing Inclusive Practices Across the Aerospace Industry

Track: Enabling the Future

Time: 10:00-11:30 ET

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As of 2016, of AIAA professional members who completed demographics in their profile, 8% identified as women, 17% identified as Asian, 2% African American/Black, 4.5% Hispanic/Latino, and less than 1% American Indian/Native American/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.  While the industry is broadly becoming more inclusive through programs targeted at students and young professionals, such as the AIAA Diversity Scholars program, the Brooke Owens Fellowship, and the newly launched Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, the industry still lags in implementing inclusive practices from ensuring accessibility to building anti-racist organizations.

This session, led by young professional leaders in the industry, follows the discussion at the 2020 Smallsat conference on best practices in diversity and inclusion across the aerospace sector, and seeks to form actionable recommendations for the industry to be incorporated into a proceedings report presented at AIAA ASCEND.  Brief presentations will be followed by attendees assigning themselves a collaborative breakout session on ways to implement inclusive practices in an individual domain such as conference planning, hiring/retention, public outreach, and student organizations.  The breakout groups will then report back to the main session, with recommendations published in the proceedings report.

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  • Moderator: Therese Jones, Senior Director of Policy, Satellite Industry Association
  • Amy Huynh, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California
  • Khristian Jones, Aerospace Engineering Student, Wichita State University
  • Jacob Løfdahl, Danish Knowledge Management (KM), and Innovation professional
  • Caitlin O’Brien, Undergraduate Student, Astrophysics and Physics, The Ohio State University
  • Karina Perez, Manager for Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technologies, Aerospace Industries Association
  • Chanel Richardson, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering, Duke University
  • Anna Voelker, Coordinator of Outreach Programs, Department of Astronomy and the CCAPP, The Ohio State University

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