Digital Twinning and Cybersecurity

Track: Digitalization and Cybersecurity

Time: 1145-1240 ET

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The security and resilience of Aviation and Space systems is more important now than ever before, with so many facets of modern society dependent upon both. However, testing these systems against modern cyber threats can introduce potentially irreversible impacts and serious safety issues – resulting in invalidation of FAA airworthiness certifications in aircraft, and potentially rendering a satellite inoperable. Digital Twins provide a reliable construct for assessment of cyber vulnerabilities and development of mitigation solutions by emulating all of the components of the system, both functionally and behaviorally, in a combination of software and/or hardware. This presentation will explore the application of Digital Twins to improving the cyber resilience of satellites and the associated ground control systems, and will demonstrate the power of Digital Twins to buy down risk on both on-orbit platforms and systems in development.

  • Moderator: Kevin Coggins, Vice President, SIG/Cyber & Engineering, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Col Brian Bracy, USAF
  • Tony Occhi, Senior Associate, SIG/Cyber & Engineering, Booz Allen Hamilton

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