Developing the Next Generation of Commercial Astronauts

Track: Commercial Astronaut Workshop

Time: 1130-1315 ET

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Whether for performing cutting-edge science in low-Earth orbit, managing cis-lunar business operations, or exploring the surface of the moon and Mars, a new space industry will need qualified flight specialists and crew. To meet this need, many current or aspiring professionals in the spaceflight industry are motivated to perform at their best, and look to certified professional experience to support this. Members of the Association of Spaceflight Professionals (ASP) share a drive to develop member acumen through access to cutting edge research, technology development, mission specialization, and spaceflight training certifications. This session includes talks that showcase member experience, including within space medicine and risk management. The interactive workshop will emphasize crowd-sourced solutions to the development of the next generation of commercial astronauts and spaceflight professionals.

Session Recording

  • Moderator: Jeska Clark, Education and Outreach Officer, Association of Spaceflight Professionals
  • Brett Bennett, Business Development Officer, Association of Spaceflight Professionals
  • Michael Gallagher, President, Aerospace Medical Association Corporate Forum and President & CEO, Association of Spaceflight Professionals
  • Shawna Pandya, Scientist-astronaut candidate with Project PoSSUM

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