Cislunar Logistics: National Security Aspects

Track: Logistics

Time: 1030-1125 ET

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If you’re not thinking about logistics, you lose. The expanding sphere of responsibility in space will require new systems and architectures to provide ever greater cislunar situational awareness in order to defend space domain assets and lines of commerce. This panel is the second in a series of ASCEND sessions focused on Cislunar Logistics and led by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

  • Brig Gen Steven Butow, USAF, Director, Space Portfolio, Defense Innovation Unit
  • Lamont Colucci, Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, American Foreign Policy Council
  • Col Eric Felt, USAF, Director, Space Vehicles Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Namrata Goswami, Independent analyst and author on space policy, great power politics, and ethnic conflicts
  • Col M.V. “Coyote” Smith, USAF (Ret.), Associate Professor and Director, Airpower Short Course and Applied Spacepower Course, Air Command and Staff College

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