Big Science with Small Satellites


Time: 1215-1340 ET

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This session will provide a forum for expert small satellite researchers, scientists, NASA leadership, and launcher providers to engage in a wide-ranging discussion, debate, and exchange of perspectives on the future of science and exploration leveraging small satellites. The conversation will address what small satellites do, can – and should – contribute to our exploration goals. Discussion topics will range from the “pure science” of small satellite research; to ideas on policy, funding, and implementation of small satellite exploration; to experiences working across the small satellite mission pipeline – from design, to launch, to operations.

Session Recording

  • Moderator: Shandy Asturias, Launch Service Manager, Virgin Orbit
  • Kerri Cahoy, Associate Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics and Co-Director, Space Telecommunications, Astronomy and Radiation (STAR) Lab, MIT
  • Craig Hardgrove, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University
  • Scot Rafkin, PhD, Program Director, Department of Space Studies, SwRI
  • Florence Tan, Chair, Small Spacecraft Coordination Group, NASA

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