Every giant leap begins with a few incremental ones along the way.

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Here’s what to expect from ASCEND.

No. 1

You’ll share the same orbit as those most central to your mission and bottom line.

This isn’t your typical space event. ASCEND is the only experience bringing every corner of the space economy together to accelerate the future of the industry.

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Space Sciences
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Emerging Technology
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Civil Space
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National Security
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Private Enterprise
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No. 2

Expand your share of the $1 trillion space industry

Economists project that the space industry will be worth $1 trillion by 2040. Be a part of this growth by building relationships with thought leaders to debate, discuss, and distill the latest ideas in space technology and business.

No. 3

At ASCEND, you’ll not only have a front row seat to history but time in its driver’s seat.

  • Capitalize on having those most essential to your success gathered in one place.
  • Launch a new product in front of the biggest influencers in the space industry.
  • Strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones
  • Gain competitive intel from leaders and policymakers so you can align your services for success.
  • Find new leads and close deals to drive the future of space commercialization.
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