ASCEND Sponsors LAUNCH to Support Global Effort to Advance Space Industry

The space sector’s growth into a trillion-dollar industry involves global collaboration. ASCEND is honored to have sponsored the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s LAUNCH: The Space Economy, 3 December 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Among the speakers at the space summit, three members of ASCEND’s Guiding Coalition: Jim CHILTON, Boeing Defense, Space & Security; Mary Lynne DITTMAR, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration; Ellen STOFAN, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

3 Takeaways from ASCEND’s Guiding Coalition on the Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Future Space Ecosystem

1.) To make significant and meaningful advancements in space exploration, Chilton commented, “we all have to support each other,” acting with a shared interest while operating in a competitive landscape.

2.) As we continue to build international partnerships between governmental agencies and commercial spaceflight companies, so too, we must engage our future workforce. “We must have the new generation of talent see themselves in this [effort]” and embrace the collaborative spirit, said Chilton.

Stofan added that employee retention is also of concern and that creating an aerospace STEM ecosystem is critical.

3.) The current sentiment from panelists – optimistic. “When we’re faced with obstacles, we tend to innovate; that’s one of the incredible things about our species,” said Dittmar.

Stofan echoed that the industry is making progress on a more united front, and debating the risk-reward scenario of making moves with the wealth of knowledge at hand, knowing that it may not be in our best interest to delay exploration until we “know everything.”

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For more discussions like these on the space ecosystem, missions to the Moon and Mars, and industry partnerships, join us in Las Vegas in November 2020 at the inaugural launch of ASCEND. With an outcomes-based focus and leading space voices present, you’ll be sure to be a part of leading the space industry forward through the next decade and beyond.



LAUNCH Space Summit Sponsors - ASCEND

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