When Rob Meyerson left Blue Origin, he wanted a project that would help to advance the aerospace industry. As a member of AIAA since 1988, he was honored to take on the role of Executive Producer for ASCEND.

“What I’m doing is helping to shape the event in a way that makes it most attractive to the whole community the space industry but also the adjacent markets that are going to benefit the growth of the space industry or benefit from the growth of the space industry; industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, and telecommunications. These are all industries that in some way over time, some shorter time than others, are going to benefit from being involved with the space industry.”

Watch the video below to hear from Meyerson and ZDNet Contributor, Tonya Hall to find out:

  • The challenges and obstacles specifically facing businesses that want to expand into space
  • How adjacent industries are getting involved in space
  • How ASCEND is outcome-focused
  • What differentiates ASCEND from other conferences
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