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Presenter Resources

Presenters for ASCEND are able to use the resources on this page to assist in the creation of their manuscript if applicable, the presentation file, and the one slide summary file that is requested of their participation. Please check back for additional resources as they are added.

ASCEND will be held as a virtual event in an online-only format, 16-18 November.

Manage Submissions

Resource Files for ASCEND Presenters

Other Information

  • Early on determine the extent of any Government or corporate approvals required for you to preclude late submissions or withdrawals.
  • Check out the FAQs page for additional helpful information.

Platform Training

Attend Live Session Chair/Presenter Training:

There will also be “hands-on” training during the two weeks before ASCEND. These hour-long sessions will allow you to test your connection and practice with the BigMarker controls, as well as to ask questions of the platform tech experts.

Please follow any of the links below to reserve a spot for hands-on training:

Note that the hands-on hours above are for multiple conferences, so there may be other attendees present not related to ASCEND.

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