HS21 Scot Snas

Scott Smas

Member Engagement, MILO Space Science Institute / Program Manager, Arizona State University

Scott Smas is the Program Manager at Arizona State University’s Space Technology and Space (NewSpace) Initiative and serves as Member Engagement with the MILO Space Science Institute, where he cultivates corporate and faculty relationships with the commercial space industry for collaborations for federal research funding opportunities, student engagements, and access to facilities.

With MILO, he works with a variety of domestic and international members to support space science and technology program development. Including opportunities to engage with other members and collaborators to further access to space science.

Scott manages the ASU/NewSpace program to support the development of federal research funding proposal submissions with faculty and the commercial space industry. Through these involvements, he has served as an intermediary between university and commercial industry and academic research personnel.  As one of the ASU representatives to the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, Scott also actively supports ASU’s involvement in industry events and meetings by promoting the university’s involvement in space missions, research, and other areas.


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