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Ruth Stilwell

Ruth Stilwell

Executive Director
Aerospace Policy Solutions, LLC

ASCENDx Summit 21 October: Roadmap, Governance and Operational Demonstration of Space Traffic Coordination and Management

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Dr. Ruth Stilwell is the Executive Director of Aerospace Policy Solutions LLC, an adjunct professor at Norwich University, and Senior Nonresident Scholar at the Space Policy Institute of George Washington University. She is one of the leading authorities on integrated space and aviation policy and governance.

Her current work focuses on the policy and regulatory frameworks for Space Traffic Management, the integration of commercial space launch in civil airspace, and the development of cooperative traffic management for aviation and space operation in airspace above 60,000 ft.  Among her publications, she is a contributing author in reference books including Global Space Governance: An International Study (2017) and An Introduction to the Spaceport Industry: Runways to Space (2020).


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