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Regina Peldszus

Regina Peldszus

Senior Policy Officer, Space Security and Space Surveillance
DLR Space Administration

ASCENDx Summit 21 October: Space Traffic Management Diverse Dozen

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Regina Peldszus, PhD, is a Senior Policy Officer with the German space agency, DLR Space Administration. She is currently on secondment to the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs & Energy, where she focuses on space security and space surveillance in the national, European, and international context, and serves on the shadow committee overseeing the space situational awareness subcomponent of the upcoming European Union space programme.

Until September 2020, Regina served as the Head of Delegation to the consortium of EU member states implementing the EU Space Surveillance &Tracking (EU SST) initiative, co-chaired its strategic decision-making body, and handled foresight studies on emerging issues at the intersection of space safety and security.

Prior to joining DLR, Regina was an Internal Research Fellow with the European Space Agency (ESA) at the European Space Operations Centre, Studies & Special Projects Division, analyzing the resilience of mission control during critical phases such as launch and early orbit. With a background in systems design, human spaceflight and arctic studies, she previously contributed to future studies on extreme environment analogues including at ESA’s Astronaut Training Division, Special Skills & Exploration Unit. Her PhD (Kingston University London) addressed scenarios for human systems integration in exploration class missions.

Regina is a Senior Member of the AIAA, and the IFIP Working Group on Resilience, Reliability, Safety and Human Error in System Development. She is interested in space from a complex systems perspective, including resilience, governance, dual-use, and ground-based infrastructure with a polar tangent.


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