HS21 Loretta Hall

Loretta Hall

Author, "Higher, Faster, Longer: My Life in Aviation" and "My Quest for Spaceflight" (Wally Funk's Memoir)

Loretta Hall is the author of six nonfiction books about human involvement in space travel. She collaborated with Wally Funk to write the memoir of the youngest member of the Mercury 13, who completed her 60-year quest for spaceflight with Blue Origin in July 2021 at the age of 82. Loretta’s recorded presentation “Venus & Mars: Space Travel Differences for Women and Men” is available for students through SpacEdge Academy. At the age of 69, Loretta participated in a medical research study sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration and conducted by a team from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Her participation included two days of suborbital spaceflight training, including riding a centrifuge in a simulation of the Virgin Galactic flight profile.


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