HS21 Kam Ghaffarian

Kam Ghaffarian

Founder & CEO, IBX

Kam Ghaffarian is a visionary entrepreneur and engineer whose mission to advance the state of humanity, and human knowledge has led him to create companies transforming the space and energy sectors.

He has co-founded and serves as Executive Chairman of several companies driven to push the limits of humanity’s capability. Among his ventures are X-energy, a nuclear reactor and fuel design company creating carbon-free energy; Axiom Space which is advancing the commercial utilization of space and building the first-ever commercial space station; and Intuitive Machines, the premier provider of space services and technologies, which will send the first American spacecraft to the surface of the Moon in 50 years. Kam is involved in several other government services, innovation firms, and real estate ventures, including IBX, an investment and innovation firm.

Kam co-founded his first business, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, Inc., in 1994, growing it to become the second-largest engineering service provider to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with annual revenues of over half a billion dollars.

Before SGT, Kam held numerous technical and management positions at Lockheed Martin, Ford Aerospace, and Loral. He holds several degrees, including undergraduate degrees in computer science and electronics engineering and an M.Sc. in information management. Kam is an active philanthropist focusing on education, STEM initiatives, scientific research, and the pursuit of interstellar travel.

Today, Kam is leveraging his 35+ years of experience in innovation and building world-class teams to build groundbreaking deep-tech companies that are expanding the commercial space economy, creating clean energy solutions.  He is at the forefront of several next-generation technologies making a positive impact on the world.


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